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Hedge developer documentation

Unleashing the Future with On-Chain Multi-Sig and Smart Contract Insights.

Dive into Hedge

Get a quick introduction to the Hedge, the groundbreaking blockchain empowering secure Multi-Sig transactions and transparent smart contract analysis.

Running a Node

Learn how to set up and operate a full node on the Hedge network, and become an active participant in the governance and decision-making processes of the ecosystem.

Earn the Rewards

Ascend to the role of validator, shaping Hedge future. Secure the network, earn rewards, and influence key decisions - become a pillar of this thriving ecosystem.

Earn Passive Rewards

Contribute to Hedge success from the sidelines. Delegate your stake, share in validator rewards, and have your voice heard in key decisions.

Join the Community

Connect with other developers, validators, and enthusiasts in the Hedge ecosystem, and collaborate on building the future of decentralized applications.